Sunday, March 31, 2013


Okay, so do you guys remember when I was whining about my kids' outfits when they had their photos taken with Santa?  I wasn't going to let that happen again, so when the Easter breakfast at the Ambassador's residence came up this weekend, I was ready.  The only problem was, I had to get there before the kids even woke up to help set up, but I gave Mitch strict instructions to make sure they looked decent.  Anyway, I was too busy to get a photo of them with the Easter Bunny, but I got some other pics so you could see what they wore: 
Too bad you can't see her shredded knees, and I don't think she even wore shoes.

Argyle socks plus orange and teal Vans are in for Easter this year. Apparently.

Meanwhile, my own traitorous husband hogged this beautiful baby while I was busy.
Did I mention that I think working is dumb?
 At any rate, I think everyone had a great time.  We have a lot of little kids at this post, and it was very cute seeing them hunt for eggs. They also had a great time doing the egg race, because egg races are for LITTLE KIDS.  Too bad most of the diplomats from US Embassy Brasilia didn't get the memo:

Look at all the sad little kids sitting down in the background, waiting for their turn at the egg race.  

Monday, March 18, 2013


From the moment we landed in Brazil in 2011, Mitch has been trying to get me to go to Rio with him. Without the kids.  He goes there all the time for work, but I've never been.  I've also never left the kids before, because I'm a little bit psycho.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, he walked into the house and handed me my non-refundable plane ticket.  I started working out a childcare plan and when Jack saw how much I was going to pay a Brazilian empregada to stay with the kids, he was all, "I'll do it for half that amount of money".  And, because I feel like he'd be doing all the work anyway, and because I'm psycho, I agreed. So, four kids, alone for four days.  Granted, one of them was more mature than me, but I'm at least a better cook. I made all their meals and packed my bags.

We had an awesome time.  Mitch picked a gorgeous hotel on Copacabana beach, a stone's throw from Ipanema.  And everyone at the hotel spoke English, but I found myself using my portuguese a lot, so I could set myself apart from the loud Americans.  Because, I'm native now, you know?  We hired a guide to show us around Rio (not the famous stuff, but cool, out-of-the-way places, and of course, tons of architecture) the first day, which was amazing and exhausting.  Then, we lazed around the rest of the time, gorging ourselves on seafood and caipirinhas.  One weird thing, every night at dinner (around 9:30-10pm because I'm native now, did I tell you?), I broke out in hives and my eyes glued shut.  Last night was the worst, because my throat kind of closed up a little.  Nothing a little lot of antihistamine couldn't clear up, though. I refuse to believe that I'm allergic to Rio.

The kids did great without us. Jack even organized a treasure hunt for chocolate gold coins left by the "Leprechaun" on St. Paddy's Day and played tooth fairy to Olivia, who had the misfortune of losing a molar.

More about our trip to Rio here, and here.

 I can't begin to describe how much I loved Rio, so here's a handful of pics from our trip:

Neimeyer's MAC Museum in Niteroi

Inside of Monastery of São Bento

Outside of Monastery of São Bento built in 1590!


View from Parque da Cidade

Jurujuba-fishing village

Selaron Stairs

Random cuties playing in front of their house.
We waited all day for Christ the Redeemer to come out of the clouds. Turns out, we had to get high enough to see that he was above the clouds! Rio below.

Street vendor

Our hotel balcony, where we had a three hour lunch while watching beachgoers at Copacabana

Art from the Hippie Fair

Pão de Açúcar

Our mom and dad went to Rio and all we got were these lousy  tank tops.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Not Really Here, I Just Stopped By to Drop Off Some Links

Nothing much has been happening in Brazil these days, the kids are going to school and we're going to work (Can you believe I haven't been fired yet? And they don't even care if it's the same old crap I write on here).  I do have a little announcement coming up, but we're waiting until it's official, so stay tuned.  I mean, don't stay tuned by hanging around here, because it's boring, but go do fun stuff and I'll let you know.  How does that sound?  Like I've had too much wine?  WINK! ;-)

Even when nothing's going on, I still have to write for work, so I wrote about our car dying, a ring I bought but didn't deserve, and the shitty haircuts our dog has been getting.