Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Saturday, we took the three youngest to the Lincoln Memorial and the Museum of American History, which was far and away our favorite museum so far.  We got to see Dorothy's ruby slippers, Julia Child's kitchen (my fave), Fonzie's leather coat, and the Bunker's chairs.  The girls and I loved the first ladies' gowns.  Henry did not.  He writhed in agony, actually, because we were taking so long looking at clothes.  Poor Jack was stuck at home.  He spent about 20 hours on homework over the weekend, trying to catch up on what he's missed.
Yesterday was Flag Day, which is was a ceremony for Mitch's Specialist class in which everyone is given the flag for the country they are assigned to.  We already knew we were going to be in DC for a while, but there was a lot of excitement in the room as people found out where they were going.  Mitch got assigned to the European Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, which may mean we will get somewhere in Europe.  Although, if I know my husband, he'll still try to get us to Africa, just to save on my shoe buying problem. 

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