Friday, September 17, 2010

Peace, baby.

It is silent in our Oakwood apartment, but for the whir of the air conditioner.  All four children are sitting in their little desks at school right now, just as nature intended.  They woke up beautifully and not one tear was shed.  By them, anyway. I did reserve my drama until I was safely back in the car.  The transition was handled remarkably well by the elementary school.  They had us wait in the office, and then, just as the last kids were filing into their classrooms after the last bell, they swept my kids into their respective classrooms. There was nary a glance back.  Jack was just dropped off a good distance from the main entrance to the high school, so he wouldn't be embarrassed if people found out he had a mother.

First day of school, finally.
I can't believe that one week ago today we rolled into town and we already have a house and the kids are in school.  I even dropped the car off for a service on my way home this morning.  Ow, though.  My shoulder is getting sore from all that patting on the back.  To put myself in check, I'll glance around the wreckage that is this apartment.

There, that's better.  Hideous.  There is a free cleaning service here, but I'm reluctant to use them.  Because I don't want to clean for them.  That is how I roll and also why people always give Mitch a sympathetic look when they find out he's married to me.  I'm saving all my cleaning energy for the new house, anyway.  I went to CVS (see, how I sound like a local now?) and got a mop, tons of chemical-ly cleaning products, rubber gloves, and some lip gloss, so I look good in that pink kitchen.


kenzie said...

Awe! They are too cute!
I miss you guys! Love you!

Kate said...

Love you and miss you, too, Miss Kenzie!