Friday, September 24, 2010

In which I don't burst into tears waiting for Verizon to answer my call

I think I may have turned a corner.  It's already almost lunchtime and I haven't had the urge to weep (no thanks to you, Xanax fairy).   Yesterday was my lowest point.  I had spent four hours trying to deal with Verizon so we could get a phone and internet (Verizon being our only option, sadly).  I picked up the kids and we were driving home from school in 97 degree heat with 57% humidity.  Jack and Henry were asking me what exactly it is I do all day while Olivia was barfing into a Ziploc (the heat).  My cell rang and it's our old doctor's office telling me that the State Department never paid them for our medical tests and I need to give them a credit card number RIGHT NOW. Another wave of vomit from the backseat.  "She missed!" from Grace.  All I could do was hang up, finish driving to the apartment, clean the car,  and pour myself a little bucket of wine.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however.  Our stuff is being delivered sometime at the end of next week.  Yes, that's pretty vague, but I'm trying to roll with it (again, Xanax fairy, where are you when I need you?).  So, hopefully not too much longer of waking up at 5:15 to drive everyone to school. 

I have no idea what Mitch does all day, because by the time he gets home and spends time with the kids, we're all exhausted and just go to sleep.   I missed the spouses' orientation day since the kids weren't in school yet, so you could say I'm feeling pretty clueless about this foreign service lifestyle. I am really anxious to get out of these apartments with their dismal lighting and get back to my own knives and my beloved Kitchenaid Pro and my shoes.  Gah, I've been wearing the same two pairs of shoes for over a month now and I just want to  burn them.

I was going to lay down and try and take a nap today, but look who came to visit outside my window!  He's painting the balcony.  And sand blasting.  Really loud. 

On a positive note, the kids have settled really well into their school routines.  I wish I were that adaptable.  For the first time, they are all taking hot lunch, which is a miracle to me.  The food is relatively healthy and the kids think it's pretty tasty, so score one for me.  Jack is making friends at the high school, and according to him, his dad's job isn't even close to the top rung of coolness at the lunch table, which has CIA, FBI, and Secret Service kids.

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