Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday I took the kids to Target since we have no idea where our UAB is.  We got some Barbies and Legos, because Gah knows we don't have enough of those.  But we don't have a Barbie swimming pool, and that's what's important here.

I also met with our long-suffering agent to turn my nose (literally, ew, what is it with the moldy basements here?) up at more houses and townhouses.  On my way home I got a call back from a random listing I had replied to on Craigslist and was able to see the house right then.

Here it is.  It's in Fairfax and it's owned by a church, which is next door to the house.  It's some religion I'd never heard of, but the person that showed it to me seemed very down-to-earth, had all her teeth, and she didn't have snake bite scars that I could see, so I think it will be okay.  The cons: teeny, tiny closets.  Miniscule.  Small bedrooms.  No master bathroom, so we'll be sharing two bathrooms. No neighborhood pool.  The pros:  huge fenced yard with plenty of trees and privacy, central AC,  fabulous neighborhood, great schools (in fact, the woman who showed me the house just might end up as Henry's teacher), walking distance to the Vienna metro. I can garden to my heart's content (sorry, wrists-but good news, our new insurance covers acupuncture!).  It has a laundry chute, which  might be incentive for the kids to actually put their dirty clothes somewhere, plenty of storage and extra closets in the basement, a workshop, and most importantly, this:
I wrote them a check! I'm definitely going to need some cute retro shoes to go with this kitsch-en, and I'll need an apron, too.  Would you like a close-up of that oven?  Yes, I think you would:
I don't know when we'll move in, but at least I can get the kids enrolled in school.  Yay!

Oh, and Mitch had his first day at the State Department yesterday and had a good day, too.  Something about if he tells me anything he'll have to kill me and then they will kill him or something like that.


Bfiles said...

I love it!!
Your husband must be a specialist, right? Which is how you know you're staying there a while?
best of luck settling in.

Kate said...

Yep, he's a specialist-Construction Engineer. We'll be here for two years.

Jen said...

What an absolutely fabulous kitchen! Glad you found a place so quickly and welcome to the area!

Norah Nick said...

I love it I need it I want it!

Lynda said...

Am I missing something...Where's the stove? Or do you plug in a hotplate next to your easy bake oven. LOVE IT! Our house in Seattle had the exact same cabinets, cut out over the sink and built in corner shelves...and turqoise counter tops. The pink wins for sure.

Kate said...

The cooktop is on the other counter, below the breakfast bar. More pics coming. It is also pink!

Alix said...

Hey Kate,
I think we may have found a place too (fingers crossed). Now that I'm not spending my afternoons trying to navigate this city, do you want to bring the girls over to meet my little ones? Let me know when's good for you. alexandrakbryant@gmail.com

Lynda said...

Hmmm, what accent color will you chose to go with the pink?