Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The salad chronicles

The drive to Devil's Tower yesteday morning was pretty easy, owing to a fresh DVD for the kids and the latest episode of Mad Men for me, which I downloaded to my laptop from Amazon before we checked out of the hotel.  Who doesn't love the internet?  And who doesn't love Jon Hamm?  I'll tell you what I don't love.  Iceberg lettuce.  I know, I won't shut up about the iceberg lettuce, but we eat a lot of salad in our family and it's driving me crazy.  Another weird thing about this part of the country is that none of the kids' meals come with a side vegetable in any of the restaurants.  Last night they had a dollop of mashed potatoes, mini steaks (of course), and...that's it.  I had a sad little pile of broccoli and the kids pounced on it.  And they don't even like broccoli, much.  Fortunately, there's plenty of wine here, so at least Mitch and I are getting our fruit servings. 

Devil's Tower was amazing, but really cold.  I only packed summer clothes, so we had to take a trip to a mall when we got to Rapid City in South Dakota, as Mitch refused to let his children be seen in public wearing their Snuggies from Aunt Kimmy.  Fleece for everyone!
Safely back in their Snuggies and sawing logs.
Hey, that's not the shopping mall!
More than Devil's Tower, the kids appreciated the Prarie Dog colonies down at it's base.  We sat there for a long time watching the little squirts.  Seamus really wanted to get out of the car and eat some of them, too.

We were going to try and make it to Mt. Rushmore last night, but everyone is really worn out.  I had two "I want to go home"s last night.  We haven't felt like we've been "home" since we left Whidbey Island at the end of June.   They make really good salads on Whidbey Island, too.

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