Monday, September 20, 2010

Change. The other white meat.

We are still at Oakwood.  We have the house, and it's sparkling clean and ready, but we can't get our stuff until Mitch gets his orders and he won't get his orders for, uh, almost two weeks.  We're working on it, but I'm ready to get settled.  Everyone is pretty much over living out of suitcases and sick and tired of all this "change is good for you" crappety crap. 

Olivia and Grace had a wonderful first day of school on Friday, yet Olivia was in tears when I left her this morning, which is normal for her.  Henry had a lousy day on Friday.  He misses his island school and friends, especially the "island way" of much goofing off in the classroom.  Jack also had a lousy day, but was able to articulate that it was due to being a new kid and late to every class, rather than the lessons.  He was surprised that kids here raise their hands and participate in discussions, rather than napping or playing on their phones.  He also worried that his AP classes were too hard.  When I asked him why, he said that he really had to read the instructions to figure out the homework, which took extra time.  So, um, yeah.  He's developed some great study habits over the past few years I guess.

We brought the dog to the new house over the weekend and he was so happy with the yard that he ran around in circles, pausing twice to take a couple of big dumps to lay claim on his domain.  He also had the joy of chasing a couple of little Asian ladies out of the backyard this morning.  Apparently we have a ginormous chestnut tree back there somewhere, and they were gathering the nuts.  Not the same as chasing chickens like he's used to, but it's a job just the same.  You could actually tell he was smiling.  He whined all the way up the elevator when we got back to the apartment, poor guy. 

I am trying to keep happy and positive around the kids, because what they are going through is harder than what Mitch or I have to deal with.  This involves many trips to the pool and hot cocoa maker along with ice cream (or their new favorite thing, frozen custard!). 

Also, remember how I was complaining about the apartment looking like a tornado had hit it?  When I got home that afternoon, there were cleaners in it.  The dog was cowering under the bed, and they had washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuumed, and folded all the clothes, both dirty and clean.  So, apparently you have to tell them you DON"T want cleaners, rather than if you do.  They also replaced all the sheets and towels.  So, hives!  But, the place did look great.

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