Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More tourist stuff.

After trying to wake them up four times.
I got some beautiful shots of Mt. Rushmore, but this one is my favorite, because all of my children's personalities are defined by their expressions.  Especially Olivia's.  She looks two seconds away from ripping Grace's head off.
By far, our favorite place was Bear Country USA.  Their faces look so happy because we were watching about 20 bear cubs playing and being adorable.

We also went to the Reptile Museum.  It was okay.  The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was just as good, though.  The girls loved the eye-level view of the prairie dogs after we saw their colonies at Devil's Tower.  We had some drama when I realized I'd left my purse at the restaurant.  I ran back in, but the purse was gone with my camera, ipod, cash, two pairs of glasses, and credit cards. Unbelievably, a kind soul had turned it in with everything inside it. 

Wall Drug.  Kitchsy and dusty, but good milkshakes.

The Corn Palace.  They were in the process of changing some of the murals, which was cool, but Henry was disappointed we didn't see any rats. We made it all the way to Columbia, Missouri, where I am proud to report that we got some good salad AND vegetables.  There was a weird little detour through the backwoods of Nebraska.  The banjos from 'Deliverance' were running through my head as I ran out of a little gas station where I was told, "ye don't wanna go inther, miss" when I headed for the bathroom. 

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Becky Wolfe said...

These photos are priceless. You're such a good sport, Katie. A real trooper...