Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well!  Our first day and here we are in Montana.  The day before we left, Grandpa took us to a swanky restaurant, which the girls are still talking about.  The bathroom stalls actually had their own private doors, which Grace thought was awesome, because she could sing as loud as she wanted while she pooped.  Olivia was pleased with the real cloth hand-drying towels.
The restrooms in Idaho and Montana were not even comparable, and since that's now the gold standard for the girls, I have to hear all about it, every time they go to the bathroom.  However!  We were able to make our own fun by wrapping our heads with leftover Snuggie (yeah, thanks Aunt Kimmie, for the Snuggies) fabric.
I wish you could have seen the look on Mitch's face when I walked out of the gas station bathroom looking like this.  We went to a coffee place and I insisted on wearing it.  The barrista about choked when she saw me, but it wasn't until she only charged me half that I realized she didn't think I was bringing old-school glamour to Montana, but rather that I was probably going through chemo.
We made it all the way to Bozeman.  The plan was to explore the Lewis and Clark Caverns, but we missed the last tour by minutes, owing to too many bathroom breaks.  The kids did great in the car.  Olivia likes to tie stuff around her head for fun.  I really don't know where she gets it.
They all got to keep their daily $5 in bribe money, except for Jack, who only got to keep $3 due to general smart-assiness.
The boys got their own room, and they're playing XBox over there right now.  The kids spent the rest of the evening swimming in the hotel's Lilliputian pool.

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Kim said...

Missing you guys already. The kitchen is a mess.