Friday, December 3, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...a very  reigned-in Christmas.  Usually we like our decorations dialed up to eleven.  Two main Christmas trees, little trees in the kids' rooms, Christmas dishes in the cupboards, and Clark Griswold Mitch does up the outside with enough lights to power up a small nation.  We even hung lights in the treehouse last year.  Since we no longer have the acreage or the big house, and in preparation for a life on the move, we donated most of our holiday decorations and lights before we left Whidbey Island.  We kept our ornaments and a few things we really liked, and it feels surprisingly great.  I worried that the kids would miss all the crap, but they were so excited to see all the ornaments they've made or picked out over the years, I hardly think they've noticed.  I admit, I do miss driving up to a beautifully lit house at night, but we have a wreath on the door and you can see the tree in the window, plus, I can grab a bottle of Christmas cheer out of the refrigerator if I need it, right?
The requisite posed photo op of decorating the tree. Jack is putting on his happiest of faces so we can all see the joy he feels spending time with his family while his screen privileges have been revoked.
Gracie helped me decorate and she had a pretty adorable idea.  If you've seen the move, "Elf" you will get it: the jar says, "Buddy don't eat thease [sic]!"
And that's it, the extent of our decorating this year.

I like to have my shopping done early, so I had the kids finish their lists.  I generally have them ask for just a couple of things they really want.  Here is the list Jack presented to us.  How did I get such a smart-assed teenager?  Shut up.

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens the box of meat, My Little Pony, and carton of cigarettes.  Or maybe I'll just get him the handsome sweater. Especially after he tampered with my list and misspelled it, to boot.

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