Monday, December 20, 2010

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

I have a pile of Christmas cards sitting on my desk, waiting to be filled out and sent.  Mitch sweetly did about half of them, and by "did", I mean he scratched a few names and addresses onto them.  My hands are semi-paralyzed by carpal tunnel, and I have to save them for baking cookies with the kids and wrapping presents, so guess what?  Here's our Christmas card for 2010, and consider it sent, with love:

Every year we try to plug ourselves into a favorite holiday movie scene for our cards.  I usually come up with the concept (or at the very least, take credit for it), and Mitch does all the work, which is pretty much how we roll year-round in our family.  Last year we did "It's a Wonderful Life".
The year before that we did "Elf".
Can you spot the Wheaten Terrier in all of them?  I've been trying to convince my Photoshop savvy husband to install Jack into this year's Santa picture, since he flat out refused (despite offers of cash! and prizes! from me) to sit on Santa's lap in a busy mall packed with kids from his high school. 


Bfiles said...

these are very clever!
but why are you handwriting addresses? make labels from a excel or word list!

Kate said...

I know! It's more the filling out of the cards. And laziness, of course.

Donna said...

That looks like a lot of work!

Kate said...

@Donna, not really, I just have to come up with an idea and then not mail them when they arrive, easy peasy ;-). Oh, wait, you mean the actual making of them? It usually only takes Mitch a couple of hours-he's very quick with the photoshop.

Linsey said...

So creative! Love these.