Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How did it get to be Wednesday?  We've all been sick, one after another, except Olivia, who was too busy slamming her head into a wall at school, prompting a call from the nurse.  She's fine, and claims someone moved the wall.  I totally know how she feels, which is why I've broken the same toe three times.  Henry was the sickest, probably because the minute anyone showed a sign of illness, he would run and kiss their hands as soon as they sneezed.   He's not a huge fan of going to school.  Grace has been hiding her germs, because she's in the school play of "The Rainbow Fish".  She's the Rainbow Fish, and it's this afternoon.  So far I haven't gotten a call from the school (I'm fairly certain I'm on speed dial in the nurse's office), so I think she's going to make it. The drama coach took me aside a few weeks ago and mentioned I might want to get her an agent.  Tell me something I don't already know, lady.  

We scored tickets to the National Tree Lighting Ceremony in front of our neighbors', Barack and Michele's, house, but it's supposed to be in the 20s tomorrow and with everyone hacking up half their lungs, I made the executive decision to pass the tickets on to someone else.  This has everything  nothing to do with my desire to avoid crowds, by the way.  Although, I admit, I am in the Husband's Pajama Bottom phase of this move.  I will also admit that putting on pants with buttons to go anywhere requires a bit of a pep talk from myself and at least two episodes of 90210 on SoapNet.  Things should improve soon, as the HPB phase is generally the lowest I get before I graduate back up to velour pants, then yoga pants, then exercise pants (which includes real exercise!), and finally back to big girl pants with zippers and buttons.  The nice thing about my little agoraphobia/anxiety problem is that it always goes in predictable phases, and since I'm already down at the HPB phase, I've got nowhere to go but up, which means a trip to Safeway won't even make me cry in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, I've got Amazon to keep me company and help me finish my Christmas shopping.

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