Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ice cream and donuts. It's what's for dinner.

Since everyone was too sick to go to the National Tree Lighting, we took them into DC to see the tree on Saturday.   Jack stayed home to have the house to himself, but we brought the three youngest and it was rather, uh, underwhelming.  They did have a close-up view of the White House, but were much more excited to see a bunch of Santas on their way to Santarchy.

We took them to Zoolights next, and I totally recommend it if you're in the area.  We went before it got dark so we could see all the animals, then we ate at the zoo cafe, and by the time we were done at the eating, it was nighttime and all the lights were twinkling in the darkness.  The kids have been dying to see the pandas, and not only did they get to see them, they also got to see their giant piles of poop, which pleased Henry.  The zoo cafe is recommended only if you aren't a fan of real food.  I took one look at the menu, and since nothing on it seemed remotely healthy, I told the kids they could get whatever they wanted and I'd feed them cereal something healthy when we got home.  Henry had a giant soft serve ice cream cone with a donut chaser.  Olivia just had two orders of mini donuts, and Grace had chicken fingers with mini donuts.  
You're going to regret that, kid!

After we ate, the girls wanted to go to the reptile house, but Henry was doubled over and clutching his stomach, so he and I waited outside on a bench.  We entertained ourselves by taking photos of the inside of our mouths and nostrils, but somehow this semi-normal one came out.
Taking pictures of lights at night with a point and shoot camera does not produce great pictures, but it does produce pretty good booger shots. I am going to refrain from posting those pics as well as the panda poop pics.  You're welcome.


Kim said...

I LOVE this pic of you guys! You are stunning! Oh yeah...Henry looks quite angelic.

Kate said...

I paid her to say that.

Claire Vorauer said...

OMG! I think you and I have the exact same frames! And we both look MAHVELOUS!

Kate said...

See! We ARE soul sisters.