Monday, December 27, 2010

I bet they don't have Ms. Food Face at the American Girl Cafe.

Well, boo.  We cancelled our  trip to New York thanks to the awful blizzard they are having.  The good news is that our hotel refunded our money (I prepaid so I could get a better rate).  The other good news is that I won't have to go out in public with a bunch of strangers.  The bad news is that Mitch is going to go back to work so he can use his vacation days at a later time and I will be stuck at home with the kids for another week, and there's only so much Mr. Food Face face plate decorating I can take.  What's a Mr. Food Face face plate, you ask?  I got them for the kids for Christmas.  When Mitch saw them he thought they were stupid, but now he spends more time than the kids do playing with his food.  Last night while the kids were playing with their dinner, Henry said, "I think Mr. Food Face is my favorite Christmas present this year."  Take that, Lego company.

                               Ms. Food Face, for girls or drag queens

Mr. Food Face, for boys and people who like to add "facial hair" (brown rice works well).

Food Face!  It's what's for dinner.  

*Note:  teenagers are not particularly keen on playing with Mr. Food Face because of their extreme coolness.

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