Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks and treats

I've had some emails and calls and Facebook messages regarding my decision to take the kids to the Rally to Restore Sanity.  More to the point, am I sane?  Well, the quick answer to that is no.  Obviously.  Friends and family are aware of my anxiety in crowds.  Specifically, crowds which also include my children.  And yes, I may or may not have needed a little pharmaceutical boost when I was trapped in a crush at the metro, but honestly, I am so glad we went.  The energy was so mellow and, I don't know the word, maybe cooperative? 

The other reason we wanted to go was because it was Halloween.  Back home we would have had a week's worth of celebrating, beginning with a huge scary bash at home, and a smaller one before trick-or-treating at our good friends' house, plus a parade through the town and a carnival at the elementary school.  We were all painfully aware that this year would be nothing like that, so we decided to go to the rally to take our minds off it, and so our kids could experience something they never would have on the island.   So that's that.  We did it.  We're glad.

That left us one day to get ready for the throng of trick-or-treaters that would be gracing our door.  We set up the cemetery, got the strobes going, and carved pumpkins.  We got exactly three trick-or-treaters, which means the size of my ass will be suffering.  Why didn't I buy something gross, like Baby Ruths?

Our teenager actually took part in the pumpkin carving.  I won't show you what he carved, though.

Miss Pippi Longstocking

Little Red Riding Hood

Ninja costume which was thought up/assembled 15 minutes before this photo

I am lucky enough to be married to a guy who's not afraid
to look like an ass just to make his daughter happy.
We took the kids to the townhouse development right behind our house, and they hit the motherlode.  Minimal work, tons of candy.  And someone gave them a handful of loose pretzels (?).  There were tons of kids (several who our kids knew from school), and a very celebratory atmosphere. 


Bfiles said...

amazing costumes! I always wanted to be Pippi but couldn't figure out how to do my hair. I guess that was before the internet...
and good for you for going to the rally! Not that many chances to do something like that.

Kate said...

The funny thing was, only three kids in her class had ever even heard of Pippi Longstocking.

Jen said...

Love LRRH and the wolf! Funny about Pippi Longstocking, as I saw another one and thought how I rarely see that costume...though when we lived in Iceland it was understandably more popular.