Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Weekend, Part II

We realized yesterday that our children have never had the time-honored tradition of raking leaves.  Sure, we were surrounded by trees when we lived on the island, but we had a tractor that decimated and sucked them up for composting.  Those sure were the good old days.  Luckily, Virginia is currently blanketed in leaves, and our yard is no exception, so we put everyone to work.

Even houseguests aren't exempt from my slavedriving.
Some people worked more than others.

Finding the right music was the key for one.
I'd like to say it was a blast, but it was raking leaves, which is fun for about ten minutes.  The three youngest spent most of the time diving into the piles.  I was busy chronicling the event for all of you, because I'm a giver.  So basically, Mitch, Jack, and Peter did all the work.  Thanks, guys!  I did make them a cake, though.

After we stuffed our faces we went to Mount Vernon for their Candlelight Christmas tour.  I didn't get too many pictures, because it was dark out, and you're not allowed to take photos inside the house.  They had a large cast of people dressed in period costumes giving little talks in all the rooms and buildings, from slaves to Martha Washington, to blacksmiths doing actual smithing. 

Taking a walk with George and Martha.

The girls were digging the miniature replica of Mount Vernon.

There was 18th century carols and dancing, cider and cookies, and a, uh, Christmas camel.  This is Aladdin, and apparently George Washington rented a camel at Christmastime to entertain his guests. 
Random shot of musicians with Christmas trees and stained glass.

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Sadie said...

I did the Candlelight Christmas tour last year - a very nice experience. You just reminded me that I bought a Christmas camel ornament; hopefully it'll arrive in my HHE in time for the holiday... Glad it was a fun weekend!