Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Henry celebrated his birthday by getting the day off from school.  Usually on the kids' birthdays, we take them out for lunch if they have to go to school, but  our school district was super nice and gave the kids Monday and Tuesday off for conferences.  So, on Monday the kids sat around in their pjs eating nothing but Halloween candy all day.  I know!  I'm an excellent mother.  Who didn't have to prepare meals that day.  They still had huge bags full of the stuff left when they woke up on Tuesday, so I bought all their candy from them (five bucks each) and dumped it in the trash bin, pouring all the leftover crap from the refrigerator on top of it so I wouldn't be tempted to sneak some.  In that way we were able to enjoy Henry's dark chocolate coconut almond pecan four layer cake with chocolate almond ganache without guilt.  Sort of.
The coma was just starting to set in. 

I think my little bug had a pretty good birthday, considering that he didn't have his usual buddies here, but he got the present he'd been hoping for since forever  (guilt over moving had nothing to do with it.  No, really.) and was able to play it all day while his siblings waited on him hand and foot.  Grace even cleaned his bedroom!

The conferences with their teachers were great.  Mitch was able to take part of the day off to go with me and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the kids are rising to the academic challenge.  Well, three of them are.  One of them is doing just slightly better than average, but tends to not turn in her homework because she doesn't care one way or another.  We're just happy she hasn't punched anyone she thinks is a "jewk" (jerk). Both the twins' teachers and the recess teacher have stopped me recently to tell me that the girls are like magnets whenever they pass each other in school or at recess, and hug each other every time they see each other and when they part from each other.  Aw. 

And friends, that cake is in the refrigerator right now, calling to me.  I'm only human.  And the jeans I'm wearing do have 5% spandex.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm a fellow Foreign Service newbie (no really, I'm not a stalker who reads blogs about people's personal lives just for fun--our family is actually heading to Lima in December). I just wanted to say I love your writing style. You somehow strike just the right balance of humor, sarcasm, and family togetherness...sort of like a blog version of "Modern Family." I hope you keep writing when you get to Nigeria or Mongolia or Paris (hey, you never know!) or wherever you end up!


Kate said...

Thanks! That is so nice to hear. Good luck in Lima. Is it your first overseas post?