Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sanity Saturday

Is it really considered sanity to bring four children to the National Mall along with about 250,000 other people? There was a moment of regret when we arrived at the Metro station and I was caught in a crush of people while desperately holding onto my three youngest kids, but there was much camaraderie on the train and everyone was very calm and sane.  We all ended up having a great time.  We did have to duck into the Air and Space Museum for a while because my youngest three got a little freaked out by everyone taking pictures of their shirts.  Even Grace had grown weary of the "paparazzi", although she was in heaven at first and did quite a bit of posing. The museum was a welcome break.  It was nearly empty inside and the kids were able to relax a bit and have some lunch in the food court before we re-entered the fray. 

The line to buy tickets at the Vienna metro station
This is just the stream of people coming out of the metro stations.

What the...!  How did this picture of my dusty but super cute new boots get in here?

Can you see us?  Over there, on the left?  Behind those people with the signs?

"Mommy, what's a mustache ride?"

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