Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Weekend

We've been having a lovely weekend, although I admit we've painfully missed being with our extended family for Thanksgiving.  Luckily, I was able to have the fabulous brother and sister team of Nora and Peter spend a few days with us.  I may or may not have wiped their butts for a living at one point in my life.  But alas, they are all grown up and can handle their bathroom duties on their own now.   The food was generally pretty good.  Mitch made the turkey his bitch, and also made the best gravy in the history of graviness.  He is really handy in the kitchen when I stay out of his bidness.  We followed the gorge-fest with a quease-filled game of BeanBoozled, which is pretty much the grossest game ever invented.   You spin a spinner and land on a color of Jelly Belly.  Only, it's a gastric Russian Roulette in which case the brown jelly bean can either be chocolate pudding or canned dog food.  Buttered popcorn or vomit.  Juicy pear or booger.

It looked like caramel corn, but turned out to be moldy cheese. 

Pencil shavings had an especially bad aftertaste.
The very, very, very worst flavor of Jelly Belly was the canned dog food.  I just threw up in my mouth a little remembering that first bite.

Since there's not enough Xanax in the world to get me to go into a store on Black Friday anymore, today we went to Arlington National Cemetery.  We walked off a lot of Thanksgiving carbs, and the kids were able to experience a tiny bit of the magnitude of the sacrifice American soldiers have made.
Look at Jack!  Always trying to get away....
 The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
We were there for the changing of the guard, which silenced even Grace.

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