Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yet Another Post Involving Barf

Good news!  The house isn't trying to kill us.  Grace's allergy tests came back very quickly.  It turns out all this time she's been allergic to dust mites.  Eff.  With a side of crap sauce. Because that's something we can't move away from.  Wherever we go, there will always be dust mites.  Now, if we owned our home, we'd have all the carpets ripped up by now, but for now, that's just something we'll just have to live with.  I have a good steam cleaner I can use in her bedroom, and you should see my Amazon shopping cart!  Pillow covers, mattress covers, plastic zippered pouches for stuffed animals, more Clorox wipes.  I could go to a store and buy all this stuff, but I've been afflicted with some kind of bug in which I vomit if I'm upright too long.   Olivia had it first.  She came into my bed with a tummy ache a few nights ago and I woke up with her barfing into my hair. I told you I should have named this blog "There Will Be Barf".

Props to Jack for taking care of everybody when I was at my worst. That boy can order a pizza online like nobody's business. And happily, finally, Mitch is on his way home from Nigeria right now to take in my haggard beauty. It was his first time using his fancy shmancy black diplomatic passport, so woo to the hoo!

Normally when their dad is away on a trip, the girls cry inconsolably at bed time.   Olivia cries for Mitch and Grace cries because Olivia is crying.  I think that's just a twin thing.   This time has been so much better, though.  They've been skyping every day with him, which has helped.  Skyping also serves the very useful purpose of allowing Henry to send images of his bare butt instantly to Africa.

Doing his part to make sure we are safe and protected while the man of the house was away.


Bfiles said...

glad it's not mold, not glad you are so sick. Hope you feel better soon and things get back to 'normal.'

Becky said...

Just caught up on your blog. So sorry you have been dealing with all that crud!
The mattress covers are nice overseas too. Our mattresses sat in storage for awhile and picked up bedbugs, super nasty. Was really glad to be able to buy covers quickly over on the other side of the border in the states. From now on though, we're taking those bedbug/dust mite covers everywhere we go.