Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the Sunshine In

My better half took me out on a big ole' birthday date last night.  We went to see 'Hair' at the Kennedy Center, which, incidentally came out the year I was born.  I brought along some old friends, which I still love, but unfortunately they don't love me back.  My feet are still hurting, and I think I've actually gotten to the age where it's not worth it anymore.  I know.  What the what??

 Hair was fun,the music was fab, and we even had a hippie from the cast come climbing through our box, right over the top of Mitch.  Also, there were lots of naked hippies onstage.  I mean, full frontal, and, not that I was looking or anything, but lets just say the actors adopted a  grooming approach that was realistic to the sixties. 
Where my so-called "friends" spent most of the evening.

Outside the restaurant at the top of the Kennedy Center.  Wow.  My eyes look a
 little drunk.  That's just bad photography.

My husband thought he would park by an age appropriate number so we wouldn't
 have trouble remembering our spot. He's real considerate like that.

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Bfiles said...

happy bday! Those are some fabulous shoes. But I can see that they would hurt a bit.