Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, deer.

On my old blog, I remember constantly complaining about the deer eating all my hard work in the gardens. It is one thing I do NOT miss about living in the country, and now that we're in metropolitan Virginia, I have plans for a raised-bed vegetable and cutting garden this summer, with no fear of meddlesome deer.  The girls are missing the garden, too.  Olivia came home from school with a picture she drew of herself surrounded by flowers, with the caption "I miss playing in my mommy's butiful flower gardins" and the little curly-haired girl even had a frowny face (lumpinthroat).  So, gardening with the kids will continue when the warm weather rolls around again, and this time it will be worry free, I can plant any flowers I want without the threat of deer, so yay!

Meanwhile, I have to get back to unpacking.  The movers bitched and moaned and bitched and moaned about all our boxes of books (and we got rid of half of them before this move), and I can kind of see their point, because I feel like I will never be done unpacking them.  One mover even said, "Books will be obsolete in a few years, and are we professors or something?  Who needs all those books?"  Well, obviously not you  (I didn't say).  So, yesterday I go over to the pile of books and what do you think I saw looking in the window at me? 

Go on, guess!

It's funny!  Not funny strange, but haha funny.

Well hey there,  to you and your two pals, madame:


I'll Take Mine... said...

...What, who? Me? Hey, lady! I'm here for some flowers. And can you cook them up into a souffle in that purty pink oven please? I'm sure you've got a recipe in one of those many books...

Sadie said...

Your post could only have ended with an up-close deer sighting! I feel I saw more deer in suburban VA than I used to in rural New England.