Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where I am now

This is the rental house we are in for the time being here in Virginia.  We love that we can walk to the metro, the schools are fantastic, it has central air, a huge fenced yard, and a pink oven (maybe you've heard me mention that once or twice already, whatevs).  It is so weird to be in a rental and not have the desire to rip things up and remodel the way we are used to.  Well, we have the desire to, because it really needs some work, but instead we can spend our weekends exploring DC and doing fun stuff with the kids, so yay for that!  The house has a lot of things we don't like (nodishwasher), but we are not focusing on that today, my friends.

I was going to wait until the house was organized and cute, but that's obviously never gonna happen, so here it is.  Welcome!

The backyard.  I stepped on a chestnut shell in my bare feet the day after we moved in when I was running after the dog.  I've been picking prickles out of my foot ever since.
The living room.  Where we do some living.
Up the stairs are three of the bedrooms and one of the two (sob) bathrooms we share.  Here's the girls' room.  Strictly temporary-they didn't want me to put up their canopies or hang their flowery chandelier, because they said it was babyish (sob), so we're going to make it cool as soon as we get a minute.

The master bedroom, which is exactly the size of our master bath in the last house.  There's only room for one adult to be standing at any given time.  So, yeah.

Henry's room.  Take note of the ever-present barf bowl under the bed.  All the kids have them.  It's called efficiencey.  Don't be jealous of us.

The house is a four-level split.  Here is Jack's cave, way down in the lower basement.  The laundry, storage, workshop, and extra closets are also down there.
This is the upper level of the basement.  That door leads out to the carport.  This is the biggest art room we've had yet and the kids trash it every day with glue, paint, stickers, markers, etc.  But no glitter, dammit. Also, take note of the faux stone panels that grace each of the walls in this room.  My architect husband grimaces every time he walks by them.

This is my little corner.  See all the papers I have yet to sort through and file on the drafting table to the left?

The TV room is behind the shelves.  Jack just walked in the house from school and said, "every time I get home from school you have some bad 80s movie on!" Guess what it was today?  And yes, that is a bloody leg stump hanging out of my beloved whale's mouth.  It's a Halloween decoration, along with the piles and piles of skulls and gravestones littering every surface. ' Less is more' means nothing to my kids when it comes to decorating.  Take no notice of the piles of crap everywhere I have yet to find a place for.  Ugh.

And last but not least, we have the pink kitchen and dining room. 
Fresh out of the oven, birthday pie for my better half.  Dang, he's old.


spectrummymummy said...

I have not been rewarded with a pink oven for living in NoVa. So sad.

Kate said...

Yes, but have you been rewarded with a dishwasher?

Becky said...

Your post has been included in the weekly State Department Blog Round Up

Thanks for your wonderful contribution!

Donna said...

We have no dishwasher in Amman, either. Unless you count me as the dishwasher. And our oven is just plain old white.

Connie said...

Cute house, and I'm not going to say anything about piles of crap. It is so hard to find new places for things in a new home, esp. if it feels temporary, like a rental. (...and 43 is not old, dangnabit!)

Daniela Swider said...

I actually love the pink oven! I'd gladly give you our dishwasher. We don't use it. Somehow we never got into the habit of doing the dishes with it. Call us crazy. I am sure that as soon as we don't have one we'd want it though.

I would totally trade the dishwasher for a full-size washer and dryer that I don't have to lug around the kitchen and hook up to the sink every time I do laundry...

Kate said...

Donna, do you ever get used to handwashing, or can you hire someone to do it?

Connie, I'm right behind him next month, so I like to tease him for being old. Like me.

Daniela, I love the oven too. I want to take it with me. And the laundry sounds just awful! I would rather handwash the dishes, too. The problem is, I am a terrible dishwasher, always in too much of a hurry.

SassAndSweet said...

I *love* the pie - and I'm thrilled to find another FS person from the great PacNW. (Tacoma girl, born and bred..... currently at my 2nd post in Vancouver as it was time to "go home" for a bit..... )