Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day Twelve

I finally got to see my man's face and talk to him with my mouth instead of my fingers after twelve days today.  I didn't hear any gunfire in the background, which is kind of how I imagined it would be, because I've seen how it is on TV.  Related: don't watch Homeland if you can't sleep because your husband is in Afghanistan when he should be snoring next to you, especially a Homeland marathon. I just learned that.

Yesterday the girls went to another set of twin girls' house for a sleepover.  Around nine o'clock I got a call from Olivia.  "Mom, I need to be at home."  I hopped in the car and picked her up. Nothing happened, but she has been sticking to me like glue since Mitch left, and just didn't want to sleep anywhere but her own bed.  We went grocery shopping on the way home, because who takes their kids grocery shopping at 9:30 on a Saturday night?  Single moms, that's who.  Grace stayed at the sleepover and was fine.  In the morning, Olivia tried to FaceTime with Mitch, but her iPod was not linking to his iPad and she burst into tears.  Finally, Jack fixed the problem and she spent most of the morning FaceTiming with him.  I LOVE YOU, APPLE.

While I was off grocery shopping with Olivia, Jack invited five friends over for a card night.  I told him it was fine.  We actually prefer him to have kids at our house than have him off in a cab to some party, and even though we now live in a gated compound full of little kids, I figured some teenagers playing cards would be no problem at all.  They were just arriving when Olivia and I went to bed around 10:30, because: Brazil.  Around midnight, I woke to a full-blown party with a ton of kids in my yard.  Jack was all, "I can't get anyone to leave.  They all just showed up! I didn't invite them!"  Now, Jack's parties have gotten a little out of control with the noise before, but that was when we lived in a party neighborhood and no one cared.  Mitch and I would just put in earplugs and try to bear it, occasionally sneaking peeks out the window to make sure everyone was behaving. I even read him the riot act about our new neighborhood before I agreed to a card night.  Alas, something had to be done before my neighbors showed up at my door with pitchforks, so I had to kick all the kids out in my pajamas and no bra on.  HAHAHAHA!  Sorry, Jack.

Anyway, back to today.   My neighbor and bestie from a block over walked Henry home from his sleepover at her house with her family and two dogs just when I was making a huge batch of strawberry waffles.  She washed my dishes while I made waffles for everyone and her husband put together a shelf and our gas grill for me.  It really made my cold, black heart kind of warm.  They also showed me how to use the tivo thingie on our tv (which is all in portuguese) and I didn't even have to watch porn while they set it up.

I give today 4 out of 5 stars because I still got about six hours of sleep after I busted up the party with my jiggly old boobs, I unpacked almost all my boxes, and I love my new neighborhood, even if they all hate me after last night.  


Kim Hodge said...

Tell me your heading isn't on Comic Sans...

Kate said...

It is NOT!