Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Twenty One

It's been mostly crappy.  On Friday our embassy was the scene of a protest of several hundred people. They threw paint bombs and spray painted anti-American slogans on our exterior wall.  Arrests were made, and everything ended peacefully. This sort of thing has never happened while we've been here. I left work as soon as I heard the protesters were headed our way.  Mitch and I always had a rule that one of us is outside the embassy during any kind of protest in case we get locked in and can't leave.  Somebody has to be home to open those boxes of cereal for the kids. I should add that I definitely feel safe here, I just didn't want to be locked in without mah baybees.

The time difference between Kabul and Brasilia is 7.5 hours, so it's hard to find time to talk to each other.  Mitch is working 13 days on, one day off, and living in a box smaller than my master bathroom.  So, obviously, I can't complain to him when I can't answer the phone before the machine picks up because the house is so big.

Still, I'm doing okay.  The kids and I have slipped into a routine that works for us.  I've quit buying/preparing meat, and no one's really noticed that we're vegetarians now.  I think they're just surprised that I'm still cooking meals every night. And I've been working on the same bottle of wine for a week now.  It's more like salad dressing than wine at this point.  I'm considering opening a new bottle tonight, though, to celebrate making it through three weeks apart.  Only forty nine to go!

Today is 3.5 stars out of 5, because my hair didn't do that half-curly thing it always does.

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