Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day Sixteen

Today was a fail.  Henry broke his retainer and his orthodontist is no longer practicing, so I have to find a new one who, a) speaks English, and b) has parking.  I guess if he/she is a good orthodontist with credentials that would be on my list, too, but it's not nearly as important as the English and parking.

I woke everyone up at the usual time, 6:30 am, for a bus pick-up time of 7:20.  I packed lunches and then hopped in the shower.  At 7:10, I started counting heads and telling the kids to get their shoes on--the bus company hates it when we are late.

"Where's Olivia?"  No one had seen her (okay, this house is way bigger and more compartmentalized than our other one).  Luckily, we found her.  Still sound asleep in her bed.

Womp womp.

2 out of 5 stars today.

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