Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day Nine

Today started off with pretty much everything going wrong, but since it wasn't me in the smashed car on the JK Bridge that caused me to be stuck in traffic for an hour, it could definitely have been worse. Anyway, I am finally getting sort of caught up at work and can now walk by Mitch's office without wanting to cry (but I ain't going in there). There was no money in the cash machine at the embassy (again), and we were having a craft fair, but I had to save all my cash for gas, so I was sad for a minute.

The day turned around for me when the money truck pulled up.  I bought two paintings, two dozen empanadas for the kids' lunch boxes, and another one of the hand-carved wooden bowls I love.  I used up all the money in the money truck!  But it cheered me up, and I'm crazy about my paintings.  Then, I drove home without the GPS, which is a pretty big deal for me, and I even stopped at the nursery on the way home.  I have two giant planters that have dead plants in them, and I wanted to get something for the gardener to put in them tomorrow.  You guys, I asked for help and I'm pretty sure I walked away with good stuff!  I think I asked the lady, "I need some large shade plants or grasses for my pots that are on my patio and don't receive much sun."

Here is what I think the lady heard: "Big grass. No sun. Vase."   But still, I got the plants AND filled up the car with gas, so yay me!  I got home in time to meet the RSO (regional security officer) to talk about my alarm situation.  The situation being that the alarm goes off every hour during the night and I run downstairs to find Jack prowling around in his underwear with a knife, half asleep, but taking his job as man of the house quite seriously.  It's a good thing the alarm didn't wake up our valuable watch dog, because he would have been pissed.

Today is 3.5 stars, because I didn't have to do any Mitch jobs and I love my new paintings very much.  My friend Katie said to me (after I told her what I bought), "paintings are the new shoes!"  I hope not, because the money truck doesn't come that often to the embassy.

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