Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Lamest Update I Could Come Up With

What's going on around here: I'm working almost full time, which is killing me because I hate being out of my house. Also, it's hard to wear a bra all day like that. We're moving next week, to a house that doesn't have poisonous black mold seeping down the walls AND has a window in the kitchen.  It's also in a gated, guarded compound.  Mitch is packing for Kabul. He leaves next week. The girls are rolling around in the bedding he's taking so he can have the "love" they are rubbing into his blankie for him.

Suckage. I haven't even had time to properly shop for the rewards I'll be needing for getting through this crappy time period.  Kidding.  I picked up a few things.


Nomads By Nature said...

Rewards are good. Hoping the move is smooth for as much of a pain that it is. Sounds like the new home location is a big reward too! Thinking of you all as you start this next step. At least day 1 means the end is coming too instead of just talking about it all and thinking about it all and having it not even exist yet.

Nomads By Nature said...

I never thought of picking up rewards ahead for myself to get through suckage. YOU are a GENIUS!

eliseandpaul said...

Thinking of you all this week and next. Thank God for Zappos and wine...and the xanax. Ride the waves.