Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day Eight

Holy heck, how did we make it to day eight?  I have lots to tell you about the last week, but I have a ton to do, so this will just be a quick update. The move lasted six days and included two hour naps on the lawn by the movers. Every day.  But no fear, they spread out flattened boxes for themselves to lay on. Everything sucked hard.  The car died and I had to jump-start the battery.  You guys, I barely know how to put gas in my car, let alone jump a battery, so there I was, standing out in the carport with a youtube video on my laptop, hoping I didn't blow myself up.  Amazingly, IT WORKED.  The car started right up.  I'm surprised I didn't feel awesome and accomplished about the whole thing, because everyone keeps telling me how good this will be for me, taking care of everything by myself.  All it made me feel was sad and irritated, but I WAS in the middle of watching the movers take naps on the lawn, so that may have had something to do it.

As of Monday, everything was moved into the house.  Graca, my awesome helper, came and spent eight hours unpacking with me.  God, I love her (even though she hangs my stainless steel measuring cups out of order).  I also baked bread and made homemade chicken noodle soup on Monday, because we all needed one meal that didn't come out of a bag.  The kids even had soup for breakfast the next day. Maybe they were worried there wouldn't be many home-cooked meals coming their way any more, and wanted to get it while the gettin' was good?  I don't know.

Yesterday, I ASSEMBLED FURNITURE WITH TOOLS.  I EVEN HAD TO USE A LEVEL.  I'll just let that sink in for a minute.......

Today we got cable and the World's Slowest Internet hooked up.  I have yet to connect my international phone, but I'll get it going by this weekend.  The internet guy showed me how to block porn while a porno was playing, so that was awesome.

I have hives, eczema, and pinkeye.  Basically, I'm  a walking pustule. Now that the move is over, I think/hope my skin will calm down. I haven't heard Mitch's voice since he left last Monday, but I have really good friends here that have been amazing and supportive, so we are really very lucky.   I have one room completely unpacked.  It's essentially a closet with a massage table set up in it, so my sense of accomplishment is minimal at best.  On that note, Karol will be here to give me a much-needed massage in about ten minutes, so I'm going to sign off. 

I'm going to give today three out of five stars, because I'm happy to be moved in and I got to watch some porn with a stranger. 

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wellthatwasdifferent said...

OMG, I am laughing so hard over my coffee here. But it's with you, not at you. Hang in there!