Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day One

I played hooky from work (don't worry, taxpayers, I didn't get paid!) yesterday so Mitch and I could celebrate eighteen years of wedded bliss:

We had a great day together and I felt pretty relaxed, which, for me, is a big deal lately.  We had a fancy-shmancy dinner date on Saturday, but our anniversary dinner was spent with the kids at our favorite restaurant last night. I had the worst caipirinha of my life. It was basically a bowl of grain alcohol. I drank the whole thing, because I'm not one to waste, you know?

Anyhoodle, we got up this morning and Mitch hauled his suitcases downstairs.  The kids were all brave and calm and gave him tearless hugs goodbye and hopped on the school bus.  I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my shit together, too (pharmaceuticals), until the maid came and I tried to tell her in my crappy portuguese that today is our last day living in this house and here is our new address. Oh! Also that my husband is going to Afghanistan for a year.  

Here is what I think she understands: 

I was crying.
My husband is leaving with a lot of suitcases.
We are leaving our home.

The awesome part is that my house was freaking IMMACULATE when I got home today, so I probably won't set her straight too soon. You guys, she cleaned the bottoms of my shoes. 

I told my friends not to be nice to me or give me sad looks today, but they did anyway. LUCKILY, I have a tear duct infection, and I'm pretty sure I flushed that fucker out. The kids are amazing. The school nurse did call today because Grace was inconsolable about losing a tooth. I explained that the tooth had nothing to do with it, spoke to Grace on the phone and told her I'd buy her some forbidden Lucky Charms at the commissary (desperate times), and she seemed fine after that.

The girls set five plates at the dinner table tonight.

One out of five stars for today. The one star was for my kids and friends being awesome.


Janie McClarin said...

Damn you to heck. Now I am a complete blubbering fool. My heart is with you and the kids today. Also, now I'm craving a caiparinha. Even though I have never had one and have no idea what's in one, suddenly desperately in need of one.

Claire Vorauer said...

Fuck. That's all.

Bfiles said...

hang in there. will be thinking of you.