Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Two

This is the one in which I have to start doing husband jobs now that Mitch is gone, like disconnecting the computers and tvs and ohmygodwhyaretheresomanycords?  Today is moving day, and the movers arrived just before 9:00 am and started tearing through my stuff.  Things seemed to be going fairly well. I had the kids translate for me before they left for school (thank gah it was late start Wednesday), and I am a pretty good at charades, so I was able to convey what I wanted them to pack.  I had hidden the espresso machine, a mug, coffee, and milk in the refrigerator before they got here.  If there's one thing that I can't cope with, it's not having coffee when I wake up. "This is so awesome! At this rate we might be able to move in to the new house tomorrow!" thought I. Sometimes I can be pretty adorable with my cute way of thinking. Any time a mover found anything of possible value, he would bring it to me for safekeeping.  That is why my cargo pants are filled with broken cell phones right now.  And a Nintendo Gameboy, from like, the '90s. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out how to make the wifi work without the desktop's involvement, and you can bet I did a fair amount of cursing of the State Department, my husband, Brazil, the Taliban, and Al Gore for inventing the internet in the first place.  Anyway, you guys, I conquered my first Mitch job and I have internet for one more day!  I have leapt into the new millenium with both feet and did a computer thingie all by myself.

Around 11:30 or so, all the movers disappeared. My friend Katie came to visit and keep me company, so I made us both lattes from my hidden, refrigerated espresso maker.  You might not be surprised to know that the coffee came out of the machine COLD.  So, that was a disappointment. I finally found the movers napping in the backyard on flattened out boxes.  Around 1:30, they came back inside so they could pack my empty boxes in their boxes.  Really. I had placed all my appliance boxes in front of the appliances they belonged to, and they packed the boxes and the appliances SEPARATELY. Then, they packed maybe one box each until they went home at 4:00.  They have yet to pack half the downstairs and none of the upstairs has been touched.  They assured me (via Henry the Middle Child-who knew he could understand portuguese so well?) they would be done by tomorrow night, but I have my doubts.

The other Mitch job I have is to try and set up internet/cable at the new house, but the company in that neighborhood won't accept anything less than a newborn baby and a unicorn, and even though I offered them a ten year old and a Wheaten Terrier with a detachable gold-plated horn, they refuse to let me have their services, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail.

I give today about  three out of five stars, because I didn't cry and because my friend Jen reminded me to grab the wine bottle opener before they packed it.

Update: two out of five stars.  The car won't start.


Jen said...

Just put yourself in the new house with a giant glass of wine AND coffee....even if the wrong one is cold and you are drinking out of 10 year old sippy cups. You'll rock this year, I know it!

Kim Hodge said...

Hugs. I totally did not just say hugs.

Kate said...

OMG, you TOTALLY just said hugs. I'm telling your CO.

Kim Hodge said...

I'm tired of day 2.