Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grumpy McGrumpypants

Don't worry, I'm not going to whine or anything.  Ha! Just kidding. I'm fond of lists, so here is my list of Things That are Bugging Me right now:

-This dry Virginia winter weather. We're all having bloody noses.
-Mean fourth graders. Especially ones that call my sweet boy a "f*g" for having a pierced ear (he took the little hoop out after this and has yet to put it back in). Also, the ones that told him his valentines were disgusting.
-Feeling guilty every time one of my kids struggles as a result of our moving to Virginia.
-Missing mild temperatures and overcast drizzle (really!). This bright sun is giving me eye wrinkles, which has nothing to do with my being in my forties.
-Worrying that we started this too late in the game. All the FS people we've met have either really young kids or kids that are grown or in boarding school. Do they know something I don't?
-Isolation. I am fully aware that this is my own semi-agoraphobic fault. Why, there's a church full of snake charmers just next door that would welcome me with open arms. They tell me almost every day.
-Not knowing where, or when we are going.  Or even when we'll know when or where we are going. I'm a planner. I can't plan until I know more, so I make myself crazy planning imaginary scenarious to keep myself in practice. No, I haven't been institutionalized, why do you ask?
-Missing friends and family is harder than I thought it would be, because my kids are aching for the ones they left behind, too, and when they ache, I ache times a bazillion.
-Fairfax County Public Library. At 30 cents per book, per day late, and a rate of about 25 books per week, many of which fall under the furniture and get left in desks at school, they are breaking my bank. If my old Island County library ever thought to charge for overdue books, they might actually build a collection of more than six books.

Alas, as always, it is what you make of it, and after getting that out of my system, I do feel a little better, so I'll close with a list of Things That are Making Me Happy right now.

-Olivia mastered double digit math. Seeing how easy it is for her twin sister ticked her off so she refused to even learn. Isolating them during homework and computer math games did the trick, along with a little help from Dad. Woot!
-My kids. They are mostly happy and resilient and funny, even in the face of fourth grade a-holes and second grade boys that tug on pigtails (yes, her father explained why the little boy was tugging on her pigtails. He's just lucky he picked Grace, because Olivia would have blacked his eye.).
-Thin mints and Samoas were delivered to my front door today.
-I fixed the Problem of the Flooded Basement all by myself when Mitch was in Africa. I felt competent and handy (There was a mighty clog of Olivia's hair bands in the drain. I pulled them out, saving the entire family from being carried away by flood waters.).
-Mr. Clean Magic erasers.
-Trader Joe's started carrying good sourdough bread.
-I'm pretty much sticking to my New Year's Resolutions, except numbers 1-9.

And the number one thing making me happy right now is:


You weren't expecting that, were you? Maybe it's the universe's way of telling me things are going to be okay.


Becky said...

Yay for no vomit in 2011! Good work on the basement too (and I am a HUGE magic eraser fan.) I hope you get bidding news soon.

Lynda said...

Dear Mrs. McGrumpypants:
Just want you to know that all your friends can come up with similar lists. Thank you for posting yours so the rest of your friends know they are not alone.
Major congratulations on the lack of barf in the McGrumpypants household.
Your islolated-island-friends who have no library fines.
P.S. We will be commuting to the other Mitch's school next year along with attending 2 of the 3 schools in our neighborhood district. I am looking for a car w/good gas mileage.

Jessi said...

Sorry things are hard. I am beginning to get how hard it is to see your kids hurt by others. It makes my blood boil to read about your kids, I can't imagine how I will handle it when it is my own.
If it makes you feel better the Seattle Libraries have sent me to collections because my fine was so large! I had no idea. I think they should give mother's of preschoolers who hide books under the bed and babies who eat books a bit of a break, but that's just me.

I'll Take Mine... said...

I feel for you. And have many similar lists in my head. I love when the librarian says I didn't return an item that I KNOW I did. Then I have to hunt it down on the shelves and prove it.
As far as kids and teasing, some 5th graders were teasing my son too. It's not what they are saying, but that they are hurting his feelings and making him feel alone. I don't want that.
Your kids aren't too old to be starting this life. And your concern and worry and care will make everything work out well. It might be rocky at times, but it will be ok.

Kate said...

Thanks everybody. I appreciate your encouraging comments! I'm feeling much better today.

@Lynda, I can't wait to see how OHS works out-I'm sure it will be great-have you thought about sending Reilly on the island transit? And stop rubbing it in about the no library fees!

@Jessi, Seattle public libraries sent me to collections, too, but I called them and got it drastically reduced.

Nomads By Nature said...

In reality, none of us know the future. So I suppose the not knowing the next move part of foreign service life is a great reminder to live (and enjoy) the present. Your positive list had me smiling! I am a big fan of the magic eraser too! And I'm sorry that your kids are dealing with bullies/not-nice kids. Unfortunately they exist at all ages and in all locations...helps us appreciate good friends, neighbors and co-workers. We are still struggling here at this post in this category. Each day gets a bit better, but it still sucks. And watching your kids go through it is painful beyond belief. I'm sure you will be a great role model of love and joy and they will find strength in your believing in them.

Kate said...

That is really true, and my kids have had to deal with jerky kids no matter where we lived. I have to keep remembering that.

Bfiles said...

Sorry for the sad things. They made me sad, too.
Glad about the positives! Esp the barf!!

FYI- you coming??

Linsey said...

Sorry you are having some less than great moments these days. But, you always manage to find and convey the humor the abounds in life, and that is a remarkable gift. I laughed out loud at the end of this post. Thanks for that!

Lauren said...

We just got to our first post with an 11 yo and a 10 yo. Right now I'm home schooling, but they will go to the International School in the fall, both for their sanity and mine! Quite frankly though, the thought of sending them to boarding school is sounding better and better on certain days!

Mean kids suck. And kids are mean all around the world. But with a loving and supportive mom like you, your son will be just fine!

Hang in there and keep that sense of humor!