Monday, February 7, 2011

Things that don't suck

The list of things that suck about Mitch being away is loooong. For example, I bet you didn't know he washes the dishes every night and now I have to do it (that's all the way up at number three, by the way). Fortunately, it's a pretty short TDY, and I always like to focus on the positive (shut up), so here is my list of

Things That Don't Suck about TDYs:

-I get the whole bed to myself.  This used to be a lot more fun when the bed wasn't a Sleep Number with a mountain in the middle.

-Breakfast for dinner. Every night!  Except when I take the kids to IHOP for dinner.  They do love their pancakes.

-I get my morning coffee exactly the way I like it: two shakes of cinnamon, a splash of half and half, and very strongly brewed in the french press.  Unfortunately, his coffee still tastes better because it's brought to me in bed.

-I can watch old episodes of Sex and the City on E! before I fall asleep, instead of shows about pre-something something iron forging using the something method on the dumb History Channel.

-I can listen to ABBA and 80s club music when I'm cleaning up from dinner.  For as long as I can endure Jack's agonized cries.

-He wrote a note for each kid for their lunch box for every day that he is gone and they are beyond excited about it.  I write notes on their napkins all the time, but THEY DON'T! ACT! LIKE IT'S THE GREATEST! THING! IN! THE WORLD! I CAN'T BELIEVE DADDY WROTE NOTES! WE'RE GOING TO SAVE THEM FOREVER! Oh, yeah, mom, that whole wheat pita with grilled chicken and tiny tomatoes and thoughtfully chosen fruits and veggies was good, too. And wow, a chocolate kiss-gee, thanks.

-I'm learning how to fix stuff.  Sure, it may be the Fonzie method, but I'm operating at about a 40% success rate, which is pretty spectacular if you ask me.

-I'm getting really close with our attack watch dog, who patrols all the levels of the house with his tags jingling. All night. Also, we have a pair of foxes that have moved into our backyard, and they are having a blast tormenting said attack dog.

-Uhhh. Let's see.  Oh yeah! I get the Sonicare charger all to myself.  Okay, with that bit of lameness, the list just officially fizzled out. Come home soon, babe, I miss you and I've got dishpan hands.

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