Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crime, punishment, and Legos

We had Mitch's brother and son visiting from Seattle this week. We took the kids to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. I would say it was one of my kids' favorite outings in DC so far. The museum had fairly dim lighting and there was no flash photography allowed, which is why the pics are dark.

I need one of these in my house.
No, wait, I need one of these in my house.
And I wouldn't mind having one of these, either.

The perpetrator was five feet tall and wore a striped cap.

After the kids had their fill of criminal activity, we went out for lunch and then hit up the National Building Museum.  We were unaware that there was some kind of kids' engineering convention there that day.  The look of panic on Mitch and Jack's faces was priceless when they took in the scene, knowing how well I handle crowds. It turned out okay.  Not really, it sucked, but I kept it together for the most part.  Except for the hives.

We went to the Lego exhibit, which was much calmer and more relaxing. The buildings were stunning.

Frank Lloyd Wright wannabe (this week, anyway).

Spotted: The elusive American teenager skulking about the museum.
Cool! We can play Legos! We never get to do that at home. Where we have three giant bins full of them.

Our excellent barf record was jinxed, as seen in (and probably because of) my previous post. Olivia had chicken strips at the restaurant we ate at and got a migraine that night. Probably MSG in the batter or something, but she's feeling all better, and the earth seems to be spinning back on it's axis now that we have barf  in our lives again.

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