Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home, finally

Anxiously watching for the flight number to switch from "on time" to "in customs":


And waiting.

The dog can finally rest from his diligent protecting of the family:

Business class booty:

"I always thought I was the kind of person that should have one of these eye thingies!" ~Grace

Major props to all you families with a parent serving away from home for extended periods of time.


Kim said...

Grace.....hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!! Glad Mitch is home safe and sound from Sheik-Djabooti.

Becky said...

Agreed on Grace. Love that quote! Glad your husband is home.

The Germano Experiment said...

Huggin' a foot...that's love!!

Lisa said...

Three days of single-parenting was about all I could handle. Glad your husband is home safe and sound.