Monday, August 16, 2010


These are SOME of Henry's Legos.  Not pictured are all the ones that are currently assembled into some space ship or war thingie.  The movers will be here in a few weeks.  We are allowed to take most of our stuff, but the whole family is only allowed 900 lbs total in UAB (unaccompanied air baggage).  UAB is stuff we will get right away.  HHE (household effects) is stuff that goes to a dark, lonely place until we move into more permanent digs (permanent meaning longer than a year or two).  In the UAB will go some of my kitchen stuff that I can't live without, some electronics, and most of our clothes.  That stuff right there probably puts us over our 900lb. limit.  Henry claims he can't live without the Legos, so we're working on getting them down to a single bin.  I suppose I can part with the Kitchenaid mixer for a bin full of Legos.  As far as other toys, the girls aren't really attached to anything, so a small bag of stuff for each of them.  Jack claims his XBOX will be pried from his cold, dead hands, so I imagine that will be going in the car with us.

As for me.  Ahem.  Well.  I've spent the morning getting rid of two boxes worth of shoes I no longer wear.  These are the shoes I've decided I'll be needing in the next few months (not pictured are the five pairs I'm bringing in the car):

So, what do you think my chances are of staying within the 900 lb weight limit?


Lynda said...

So where was I when you got rid of some of your/my size 10-1/2 collection?

Who needs legos??

Kate said...

Oh, Lynda. I totally spaced your foot size! DAMN. Well, the ones I got rid of weren't even cute anymore. In fact, they were never that cute, they were bad impulse buys.

Bfiles said...

just found your it! Is your husband a specialist? I'll link to you- good luck getting ready for packout. You have a serious shoe collection! :) One tip that has stuck in my mind is putting the shoes in boxes or something because I read about someone's leather shoes & purses stuck together after spending a few mos in transit/waiting in a hot country of some sort.