Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On our way

Resident artist captures mommy's cocktail, metal stylus and magnetic flakes, 2010
I wanted to write a long, heartfelt love letter to all you crazy kids that are a part of my life on the eve of our departure, but I haven't been doing so well with the goodbyes, so I'll leave you with this pick-up line I learned from Jack:

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?  Cuz it sure messed up your face."

Why no, he doesn't have a girlfriend.  Why do you ask? 

I guess we're as ready as we'll ever be.  Grace just found out we were moving, despite it being the topic of EVERY conversation for the last three weeks.  She must have had her pretty little head on other matters.  She cried for a good long time, mostly because her siblings laughed in disbelief that she didn't know we were moving. Well, she claims she knew, but she thought it was sometime in the very distant future.  Anyway.  I showed her the goodie bag I packed her for the car and she snapped right out of her tears of despair.  Henry asked me to call the temporary housing in Virginia where we'll be starting out to see what size their TVs are, but I, uh, may not have time for that.  I've packed a little list of dog-friendly hotels from here to there, lots of cinnamon Icebreaker mints, fresh DVDs and video games for the kids, not too many pairs of shoes, truffle salt, and just few enough clothes that I may need to buy some new ones on the way.  Like a Corn Palace t-shirt.   If you think of anything I've forgotten, just keep it to yourself.  The car is FULL.

Next stop, Spokane, for some cousin time while Mitch stays back to do the packout, because it's totally his turn.

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