Saturday, August 7, 2010

Onward and Eastward

Last year before Christmas, Mitch mentioned in passing that he applied for a job with the Foreign Service, telling me how arduous and complicated it was to get in, and how long the process was, blah blah blah.  I didn't give it much thought, because I had Important Stuff going on, and besides, I'm a delicate flower and doesn't he know I don't really take well to foreign travel?  Plus, the kids all barf at the drop of a hat or curve of the road.  Not to mention my crippling germophobia. And so I put it out of my mind.

Springtime rolled around, and Mitch had begun the long commute from Whidbey Island down to Seattle, where his new project was.  The commute is a killer, so we decided to put the house on the market and move back to the city.  A Fed-Ex package arrived.  The State Department was inviting him to Washington DC to take the Oral Assessment for that little job he applied for.  He and Jack go spend the week and have a marvelous time.   He passed the OA, so we all got to be poked and prodded and, um, other stuff.  I'd tell you what other stuff, but I'd have to kill myself you.  This is so we can get Medical Clearance for world wide travel.  Grace fainted during her blood draw, so that was an enjoyable memory for me as well as her siblings, who were all with her and were pretty certain she was dead.  We all passed, and although it was shaky for a while there, I even passed the mental health part.  Yay me!

The house sells.  We were lucky to rent a new house month to month right by Mitch's school project in Kirkland.  A big, soulless, ugly rental that we call "the hotel" because of it's beigeness (totally a word). There was a security clearance, which was very involved, so say our neighbors from the 90's and my second grade teacher's sister.   Aaaaaaaand, he got the job.  Officially for real.  Put in his notice at work.  Training starts on September 13 in Washington DC.  

So, we're filling the car with Clorox wipes, barf bags, and hand sanitizer and heading out the first week of September so we can be sure to see the Corn Palace and the World's Biggest Ball of Twine or whatever on the way.   Everyone has been asking me if we know where we'll be sent (and which parasite will be my ultimate downfall).  All we know at this point is that we'll be in DC for a while for a long bit, probably a few years. The kids are really excited, and since everyone knows it's the mom who sets the tone, I am excited too.  I will be especially excited when the boots that I ordered as a reward for myself arrive.


Kim said...

I'm so excited for the boots! I mean you!

Chez Loulou said...

WOW! So cool. I can't wait to hear more about the new, germ-infested adventures.

Thomas Family Travelers said...

Just came across your posting on Livelines and then stopped to say 'hi' on your blog...welcome to the Foreign Service! It's an adventure, that's for sure...oh, and I have one that gets every kind of motion sickness known to man as well. I've found that Ziploc freezer bags make great barf bags for the cars (good that they don't leak, bad that they're see-through) and airplanes, well, I take every barf bag around us. If you're staying at the Oakwood, it's actually lots of fun, meeting families coming and going from all parts of the world. Best of luck and enjoy!

Trent Bryant said...
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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog, my hubby has been trying for the past three years to get into the FS, so it's always (annoying) cute to see people get in after not even caring a bit. lol
Seriously your blog is hilarious. I love how you right-just like a best girlfriend!

Kate said...

Thanks, K.D.! My husband is a Specialist and his field is very much in demand and hard to fill (construction engineer), since you can make so much more money in the private sector. Ask me how I know this!

Becky Wolfe said...

Kate, Is August 7, 2010 your very first entry on Blogspot? I wish there was some way to re-organize them with the earliest one first and the most recent one last. Then I wouldn't miss any. (I get confused easily, as you can tell.) Maybe there IS a way. If so, please let me know.