Monday, August 23, 2010

A picture of my insomnia

                                                                              Gah, could he snore any louder?

                    If I ordered shoes now, they wouldn't get here before we move

    I forgot to find an orthodontist today
                                                     should we get the dog's anal glands expressed?

                       Can we make it through the week without having to buy toilet paper?

We should have sold the freezer
                                                                why did I buy these granny panties?

                             school supplies

                  I can't believe Jack thinks I should stop cussing after all these years

                                                                               Need new ipod charger
    must cancel comcast
                                                        should we cut down through Kentucky?

                                                                                                 Polly pockets

                                             Sofabed in longterm storage?  I hate that thing.
                                                          should I renew my WA driver's license

                                need gallon ziplocs for barf

         Is it worth going out of our way to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum?

                            salt and pepper Kettles chips


Bfiles said...

this is fabulous.

Kate said...

Sigh. If only it weren't so true.

Donna said...

That's pretty much what's going on over here, too.