Friday, August 20, 2010

Farewell Tour

What I should be doing is packing, sorting, and organizing.  The house is a shambles, and I should also be cleaning, but today we played hooky from dumb, stupid chores and decided to visit some of our favorite Seattle haunts for the last time.  Jack is off at the beach with a buddy, so he missed out on our trip to the Fremont Troll.

The holy grail of awesomeness that is Archie McPhee's.
Then we logged some serious boring hours shopping for a shiny black coffin for the top of the car so we can have a place to store my shoes our important stuff on the cross-country trip. When we got home, Henry begged to play the new computer game we had loaded onto the laptop for the trip. 

"Mom, is it alright if I use 'poopbutt' for my screen name?"
"[Sigh], Why don't you just use 'skidmark', Henry?" I replied with as much sarcasm as I could muster (which, if I do say so myself, is a lot).
"Because that's already my password."

Nine year-old boys rule.


mama puffin said...

Just found you today via livelines. I had to laugh about your question re: driver's license as I just went through this myself last week. We lived in Seattle too, moved to TX, then VA for Foreign Service and have WA as our home leave state. I was in Seattle last week and renewed my DL so I wouldn't have to get one in VA. We are here for 2 years also. Would love to get to know you! For more about me, we are at

Welcome to the FS!

carrie said...

PS...Apparently I need a DL here in VA too, so don't listen to me. Heading to DMV asap to get one! Have a safe trip.