Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Productive. Ish.


I learned how to say "I suck at speaking portuguese" in portuguese.

Our wonderful orthodontist called and gave me a list of good orthodontists in Brasilia, one of which was trained at the University of Washington. I know UW happens to train excellent architects and at least one is a good kisser. Not that I will be kissing the orthodontist. Ahem.

I ordered some anti-gravity loungers to bring with us to post.

Googled 'anti-gravity bra'. Disappointed with results.

I visualized having a pool and sitting in said lounger with a cocktail, watching the Brazilian pool boy.

I wondered if I can still have a Brazilian pool boy if we don't have a pool.

Googled "brazilian wax".  Don't do it.

I ordered school uniforms for my kids. Grace is gonna be mad.

Googled 'how to make your own salami without using nitrates'. Olivia will just have to learn to live without. Ew.

I watched puppies in real time:

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

I downloaded and printed all the forms for the kids' new school, which starts August 4. Then I looked at the stack and saw everything I need to include, wept, and crawled back into bed.

I looked at the puppies some more.

Googled 'Brazilian pool boy', then clicked on 'images'. Do it.

Got confirmation that I am signed up for my Security Overseas training. Checked to make sure I still have a supply of Xanax for that.

I lined up all my boots and thought about what I was going to do with them. Started to get a little choked up, so went back to the puppies.

Ate a little chocolate bunny ass. Shhhhh.

Decided to comb my hair so I could venture out to the drycleaners, but it looked like this, so I wept and went back to bed. Thanks, Virginia humidity.


viridis said...

I just love your blog! you keep me in stitches.

Bfiles said...

me too. love the puppies!

Lynda said...

I am happy to store your boots. As a size 10'1/2 I promise to try not to wear them although you have totally cute shoes so I can't make any firm committments.
If you were in India I can promise that we would not be visiting.
Brazil? Well, maybe.
Hope to see you on Whidbey. We'll give you a deal on the House Next door if it's available and you want to park it for awhile...

Heather said...

I've been heavily playing the avoidance game and ignoring stack of papers to fill out for the kids' school in Cairo. Now have two days to achieve what I had months to do before.

Don't do it!

Love the blog, keep your eyes on the prize!

viridis said...

Thanks for participating in this week's round-up!

Nomads By Nature said...

Great blog! Had me cracking up the whole way through and I can't wait to hear more of your preparations for adventures in Brazil!

Jill said...

Of all things Brazilian - I'll admit that I totally dig my Brazilian Blowout. Not as painful as a Brazilian wax ... unless you count the ridiculous number of hours you have to sit in the salon.

So probably a wash...

A Daring Adventure said...

ROFL!!! Is there enough Xanax in the world to get any of us through that seminar?

Also, your hair does NOT look like that!

Thank you for letting me add you to the State Department Blogger Map! Please do me a favor and check your new pin to make sure it works correctly and that everything is right:

Congratulations on your new post!