Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today is the first day in about a month that I am feeling pretty good, and everyone else around here seems to be on the mend, too (I totally just knocked on my wooden headboard--yes, I AM in bed. Just because I feel good doesn't mean I'm going to forsake my heavenly bed. Gah.). Aside from a plague of locusts, we've had pretty much everything around here, and to top it off, I had some pesky moles removed in anticipation of poor healthcare in a developing country. That, combined with burns from my pink oven and cuts from fishing broken glass out of the garbage disposal, has had me feeling a little, uh, prickly? I'm not sure of the word to use, but Mitch did gingerly peck me on top of the head before bed last night and say "Goodnight, my oozing pustule."  Hope that helps with the imagery.  You're welcome.

Grace has recovered from her scahlet fevah and is well enough to be crafting up a storm. Although I bought the girls beautiful handcrafted butterfly nets last year, she thought she should have a homemade one. Pipe cleaners,  a roll of string, and 3/4 roll of scotch tape and I could have saved thirty bucks:
The tape serves the dual purpose of holding the tiny pieces of string together PLUS stickily trapping anything she might catch. Brilliant.

Before we moved out here she made me a swiffer out of balsa wood, craft sticks, painters tape, and an old wash cloth. You had to hold each piece together while "swiffering" because the tape was a little loose. I always take pictures of her creations, because those LAME movers somehow always tend to "lose"  her mountains of crafted goodness.  In much the same way that the dog "ate" the skanky Bratz doll with see-through panties that she got from a friend.

I love that she is so creative, I just can't possibly keep everything she makes. We buy scotch tape by the case at Costco and keep the art bins full of sticks, soft wood, pipe cleaners, glue, construction paper, and string to keep her happily crafting away. However, I do feel a little guilty that those, uh, 'movers' keep losing her stuff, but all it usually takes to get her over it is to suggest she make something new and show her some puff paints or new polymer clay I've bought and off she happily trots. When Mitch lamented that HE didn't get a homemade swiffer, she made him a cardboard toolbox complete with  cardboard tools and and a cardboard hard hat for the job site. I have a picture of him modeling it, but he's not wearing a shirt in the photo and this is a family blog, despite the occasional cussing you may see (hear? read? whatev.).

We are anxiously awaiting to see if the government is going to shut down on Friday. I'm frankly a little miffed that they didn't plan it for next Friday to coincide with spring break. Why does no one think of my needs?

Anyhoodle, I gotta go change my bandages. You're welcome again!


Smallbits said...

I love all the crafting stuff. No wonder you have such good advice for me! The butterfly net and swiffer are both really cool.

Kate said...

@Becky, what, you don't love hearing about oozing pustules? And make no mistake, I personally don't enjoy crafting, but I AM a fan of anything that keeps my children happily engaged in creative pursuits that don't involve maiming themselves or each other.