Monday, May 2, 2011


I would say our weekend rated as not quite as exciting as William and Kate's, but definitely better than Osama's.

I found a dead mouse in the dog's water dish at the crack of dawn a few days ago, causing me to yelp a little bit. Mitch claims it was a blood-curdling scream, but who are you going to believe? Henry rushed out of his room, certain we were finally under zombie attack. Ten year-old boys rule.

We took the kids to see Rio on Saturday, with hopes to up the excitement factor for our impending move to Brazil. They loved it.  Well, the teenager said, "It didn't suck", which I'm pretty sure means he loved it, too. Also, his attendance at a 'baby movie' was his early Mother's Day gift to me. Here we are in the theater:

Whoops, how did that picture of my cute red suede loafers slip in there?

While I was snapping that pic, Henry asked, "Mom, how come whenever we go anywhere you take pictures of your shoes before anything else?" Gah, I'm a bad mom. A bad mom with cute shoes!

Anyhoodle, the movie theater had a self-serve 'butter' dispenser for your popcorn. I had to restrain Henry from putting his mouth directly under the spigot. We had three migraines later that afternoon, thanks to whatever was in that popcorn. I suppose it also could have been the cajun fries from Five Guys Burgers and Giant Asses. But yum!

We spent the rest of the weekend weeding out 8 giant bags of clothes from our wardrobes. We've lived in four places in the past year, so I was surprised with how much crap we still had to get rid of.  Here is what was in my pathetic t-shirt drawer:

long-sleeved gray t-shirts: 6
long-sleeved black t-shirts: 9
long-sleeved brown t-shirts: 9
long-sleeved gray tunics: 2
long-sleeved black tunics: 3
long-sleeved brown tunics:2
short-sleeved white t-shirts: 7
short-sleeved black t-shirts: 8
short-sleeved brown t-shirts: 5
short-sleeved gray t-shirts: 6
Bauhaus concert t-shirt: 1 (too sentimental to throw it out, but it does not flatter my muffin-top, so I never wear it).
Shirts of any color other than black, gray, brown, or white: 0

So, so boring.

I have also recently purchased some dresses.  Guess what color? Two black, one brown, and one colorful one that I'll probably never wear. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm probably never going to wear any of them.


Bfiles said...

those ARE great shoes! I love red shoes. I don't know why I don't have any!

viridis said...

You know why you can wear cute red shoes? Because the rest of you is black, brown grey or white. :)

Lisa said...

I have the opposite problem. Lots of bright colored tops and boring brown or black shoes. We should shop together. Then maybe one of us would have a decent wardrobe.

Jill said...

I think we have the same things in our drawers ... same colors and all! In fact, I went to Loehmann's today, and left with .... get this ... a cream shirt.

And anyone who has red shoes in their closet is my twin! I love red shoes - I have 3 pairs and wear them all the time!

Kate said...

Red shoes are my downfall. I have five pairs. One of which is even comfortable!

Kim said...

Bring your new dresses. We'll accessorize. I never knew how good I was at it til I became a jewelry lady. Really.