Sunday, April 17, 2011

TJ, FDR, and Nike

We took the youngest kids to a few monuments this morning. The teenager stayed home to mow the lawn with the lawnmower we bought him as a gift for getting good grades (no need to tell me how lucky he is, I'm pretty sure he knows). First stop was the Jefferson Memorial. But first, I need to make a confession.
I did something I'm not proud of. Something I've never even considered doing before, but it was Sunday morning and I didn't think anyone would be out and about. My knee was really bugging me. I knew it was a long walk to the memorials. I was sure no one would notice. I made Mitch swear not to take any photos of me.

I wore....Nikes. Ugly ones that I use for exercise. And you know, my feet were really comfortable, if incredibly unattractive.  I'm not saying I'd do it again, and I still fell off the sidewalk (it wasn't my fault-someone left a big pile of air right in the middle of the path). I am aware that it's a slippery slope from wearing athletic shoes in public to matching husband and wife jackets from Costco, but what can I say? Maybe I just need a new pair of shoes.

The next stop was the FDR Memorial. This was my favorite memorial that we've been to in DC.  Here are the kids with Eleanor. Henry appears to be irreverently picking her pocket.

Listening to a Fireside chat.

                                                  Doing time in the bread line.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little

I have seen war. I have seen war on land and sea. I have seen blood running from the wounded. I have seen the dead in the mud. I have seen cities destroyed. I have seen children starving. I have seen the agony of mothers and wives. I hate war.

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Jen said...

As long as you wore your white bobby socks with them;-)