Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometimes I forget that my girls are actually twins. We never call them "the twins", we usually just use their names or refer to them as "the girls". They don't play with the same toys or read the same books. Olivia is into stuffed animals, plastic animals, video games about animals, and books about animals. Grace spends most of her time crafting and performing in front of a mirror and she reads Harry Potter or classics like Alice in Wonderland or the dictionary (!). Olivia is athletic, Grace is, uh, not.  Olivia eats mostly vegetables, Grace prefers meat and potatoes (hmmm. I think Grace is MY twin). Olivia listens Pink and ABBA and  Hammerbox (don't worry if you've never heard of them-they were around briefly in the Seattle grunge-era), Grace loves Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga. Olivia is a slob, leaving a trail of clothes and trash wherever she goes. Grace is neat and orderly. Olivia would wear the same ratty Corn Palace t-shirt and too-short corduroy pants every day if I let her. I don't think Grace has worn the same outfit more than once in her life--she switches things out because she thinks people will remember that she wore her black jeggings with her white sparkle top three weeks ago.

That's not to say they aren't tight. Their teachers tell us that they are rarely apart at recess and they hug whenever they see each other at lunch or in the halls.  At home they like to be in the same room with each other, if not necessarily doing the same thing. Anyway, I do have a point to all this. Friday is Twins Day at their school.  They've decided to be twins with each other (a first, actually-usually they pick a friend), and they don't have even one matching article of clothing. I had to go to Target this morning to buy them each the same shirt, and I'm positive it will be the only time they ever wear the shirts on the same day. They want me to do their hair the same, too. How am I supposed to make Olivia's 'Medusa' waist-length curly hair look like Grace's shoulder length straight hair? Keeping in mind that Olivia HATES to have her hair done unless it's super-tight Laura Ingalls braids (and if they aren't tight enough, I have to do them over).


Lisa said...

Matching mohawks? Too extreme. You could just put matching head bands on them and call it a day. Good luck.

Doug said...

Since I own a Hammerbox record (maybe two?), it follows, based on my hipness, that everyone must have heard of them.

Kate said...

@Lisa, Olivia wouldn't wear a headband if you paid her. She's very, um, particular. You should try shoe shopping with her sometime-- You'd end the day in a rubber room.

@Doug, what's a record?

Kim said...

Shoe shopping with Olivia? Been there, fondly remembering the pink Born sandals from famous footwear. You certainly paired the right sisters with the appropriate twin!