Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Scarlet

Raise your hand if you're tired of hearing about our various illnesses! I'm happy to report that Henry and Olivia trotted off to school today with a spring in their steps and pb&j in their lunch boxes. Grace, however, was covered from head to toe in a sandpapery rash, accompanied by a fairly high temp. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, and a quick trip to the doc confirmed it. Leave it to my little drama queen to get scarlet fever (Relax, Nana, it's basically strep with a rash and she won't die a slow and agonizing death on the back of Pa's wagon). 

While we were waiting at the pharmacy for her antibiotics, she spied the DVD "Tangled", which she hasn't seen yet. "I'm sure Daddy would want me to have that if he knew I had scah-let fevah." Indeed. She also figured popsicles would be necessary.  Seeing as she has scarlet fever and all. And one cannot possibly survive scarlet fever without bunny crackers. Apparently.

The only problem is that now I have to figure out how to make the DVD play in one of the machines, in addition to figuring out which machine is currently hooked up to the tv. Or, I could stall until Jack gets home. Aren't you supposed to rest your eyes for three hours after you take antibiotics when you have scahlet fevah?  I think yes.

I am awesome.


Smallbits said...

Oh that is hilarious!

Smallbits said...

You rock! If It's more complicated than the wii and the DVD player, I am dead. Hope she enjoyed it and is feeling better soon.

Lisa said...

So glad it's not cholera or smallpox, b/c that could really slow down the wagon train. But nonetheless, scarlet fever sucks. I hope all this yucky crap leaves your house soon. And as far as the DVD goes, just push a lot of buttons until you get it to work or screw it up so badly that the guys won't ever leave you unable to work it again. This is sage advice from someone with lots of expertise in this particular area.

Rich said...

She's not gittin in my wagon, girl

Julie said...

I'll bite ~~~

Frankly, my dear, I do give damn. Hope she recovers soon.

Kim said...

She's not wearing the drapes yet, is she?