Monday, May 5, 2014

They Survived!

My girls made it home (sans baby turtles, sadly), exhausted, a little sunburned, and brimming with happy stories. Olivia filled me in on all the animal contact they had, while Grace filled me in on all the fifth grade girl drama. I'm pretty sure Olivia didn't comb her hair even once, but she didn't get sick or get a migraine, which is a small miracle. For about a week after they returned home they were a little prickly with me, as in, they weren't their usual cuddly selves. They were far too busy putting on lipgloss and writing in their journals. Finally, I called bullshit and told them they had to go back to being my babies and snuggle with me every day. It was a relief for all of us when they agreed. Especially Henry, who was stuck being the stand-in snuggler. 

The girls may have been fine, but I developed some kind of allergic reaction to something. Maybe I'm allergic to nuts all of a sudden, or maybe I'm allergic to being left by my loved ones, but you guys, these lips? They were about twice as big as they were in this picture.

Mitch did not seem at all turned on by my new look. In fact, he unromantically told me to increase my life insurance. Here is our messaging chain about my meeting with the insurance company:

Reeeeal nice. It took a few days and a giant shot in my ass for my lips to go down, but that didn't stop me and the boys from eating sushi every night the girls were gone. So what if food and water kept dribbling out of my mouth? I've got no one to impress.

Nothing else is new. Including knowing our next assignment. Our embassy wants us to pack out before the World Cup, but I'm sorry to say they are stuck with us. Oh! Something is new. My speeding tickets came in the mail:

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Kim Hodge said...

Glad you posted. Even if I already knew all this stuff.