Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Tiny Infant Baby Daughters

I just dropped them off at the airport for a field trip with their class to a beautiful Brazilian beach, where they will be working at a sea turtle preserve for the week. They will be saving baby turtles! Baby turtles are soooo cuuuuuuuuute!

They will be staying in a hotel on this beach. Whatever.

They packed their own bags, and when I was going over them, I came across a plastic container with holes in the top. 

"Olivia, why is this container in your bag?"

"In case they let me keep some endangered baby turtles."

I just hope turtles are gluten free.

Jack's preparing for college, my babies are gaining independence, and Henry is, uh, still shooting blow darts into our concrete walls. And what am I doing? NOT PLANNING FOR OUR NEXT ADVENTURE BECAUSE UNCLE SAM HATES ME AND HASN'T GIVEN US AN ASSIGNMENT YET, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE IN A FEW MONTHS. I'M SO UPSET I HAD TO PUT THE CAPS LOCK ON.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit. Caps lock. That's baaaad. ~ Hugs from Mrs. Dube

Anonymous said...

You're still restrained enough to avoid exclamation points, though. Hope they tell you something soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your family is growing up, Whitehead.