Monday, June 9, 2014


Mitch came and left, and I pretty much missed the whole thing, but more on that in a minute. My little ladies turned eleven! It was a Cupcake Wars kind of birthday, and my kitchen will never be the same. 


They also graduated from fifth grade to middle school, which apparently requires badass footwear. I really don't know where they get it.

Last Friday was Jack's graduation ceremony. In the photo below, I was feeling okay. Two hours later, in the middle of the ceremony, I started getting chills. By the time I got home I had a fever of 103 and my skin and bones hurt so much I couldn't even blink my eyes without pain. The next thing I knew, it was four days later.I missed Jack's graduation dinner and his prom. I also missed half of Mitch's visit. The timing could not have been worse. Or better, because thankfully he was able to represent our family at Jack's events and run the house (side note: our new cleaner quit before Mitch got home, so it was all on him!). It was probably Dengue Fever, as I've had a flu shot this year, but I was too sick to go get the blood test, and there's nothing you can do for Dengue, anyway. 

We made a graduate! 

A big box of USC swag arrived and the girls have not taken off their slippers since. Did you guys know that USC is the fourth most expensive college in the nation? The more you know.

He did it! Can you see him? He's the one throwing his hat up in the air.
I crawled downstairs on all fours and took this picture of my brood all dressed up for the prom. It is just plain adorable that the prom in Brazil is a family affair.

This is the part of the prom where you are supposed to dance with your parent. Grace filled in for me.

The girls had a very good time at their first prom.

We are so proud of Jack. USC is a really hard school to get into, and when they didn't give him a big enough academic scholarship to make it comparable to University of Washington, he contacted them all on his own and they gave him more money. He already has his roommate lined up, a Brazilian friend so he can keep up with his portuguese. I'm on my way right now to pick him up at the airport from his Senior trip. He's been on some Brazilian beach for a week. 

Oh, and guess what? WE STILL DO NOT HAVE AN ONWARD ASSIGNMENT.  I know, right?!


eliseandpaul said...

Congratulations to Jack! What a kid you guys. I hope mine turn out that well. The body is amazing in it's ability to shut down at all the right/wrong times. I'm glad Mitch was there to help, and to clean. Also, the photo of Mitch dancing with the girls. Beautiful. Being good Spokane peeps is paying off in awesome kids and scholarship dividends. Saying hello to home for you guys in the next few weeks. Can I send you anything while I'm here? I don't even know what to do with myself all day long now that I'm not in the car all day or at 17 grocery stores, markets and stalls gathering things to make the worlds most simple meal or doing more than one thing a day. Seriously, holler.

Kim Hodge said...

Wish I could've seen Jackie graduate...