Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey! We got our assignment! JustkiddingIhateeverything. The kids have settled into summer break pretty well, despite the fact that they are calling it "Mom's Summer of Pain" since we have no cleaner. In fact, in the past few weeks, Jack yelled at me for opening a new box of cereal when already had several opened in the pantry, and also for leaving said box out on the counter. He also got upset when Grace tracked dirt all over his freshly mopped kitchen floor.


Tomorrow is the first day of summer camp at the embassy. Jack is working as lead counselor and the girls are attending. Henry has nothing to do because no one gives a rat's ass about middle schoolers. Jack actually has a real job that starts in a few weeks. Full time employment! I don't think I could even be out of my bed for that many hours, but he's looking forward to his first Big Boy Job. He will be working in the financial management section at the embassy, which could not be more perfect for him.

Oh, and maybe you've heard that there's some kind of soccer event going on right now in Brazil. The entire city shuts down during the games. No one is on the roads. I've never seen anything like it. I wrote about it  for work, but mostly I just wrote about my lack of knowledge about the whole thing. We've also been busy preparing for another visit by the VPOTUS. You know you are in the Foreign Service when you tell you kids what is going on next week and they're all, "We have to go see Joe Biden AGAIN?"

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